Pulmonary Critical Care Doctor Interview

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I hope you enjoy this doctor interview!

My Short Interview With A Doctor in Pulmonary/CC

I recently conducted an interview with a doctor in the Pulmonary/CC specialty. I think that he offered some very insightful and eye-opening answers! Without further adieu, let’s get into this doctor interview!

Q1. What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is the action that is required to save a life.  Sometimes, I may need to stick a central line in and sometimes I may need to intubate.  Other physicians ask me for help when something is wrong.  I enjoy the thought process as well.  Most of all, I enjoy being at the bedside to support a family when a loved one is dying.  I feel like God put me here to do that.

Q2. Why did you choose the pulmonary/cc specialty?

I chose Pulmonary critical care because I did not have to let go of any other medical specialty.  I have to know the lung, the heart, the kidney, the brain, the liver, the skin, the blood vessels the GI tract and the spleen.  Also, being able to relate with people at a not so good time of their life I enjoy.

Q3. What has been your biggest challenge to this point?

The biggest challenge is handling families at the time of an unexpected death or any death.  Things happen, sometimes unfortunate but not preventable.  As a critical care physician, you think that you can save the world, but the best skill is knowing when there is not much else to do medically AND having that discussion with the family to be able to get them to understand why.  (My youtube channel is directed at this in a way)

Q4. Why did you choose private practice?

It was a very tough decision because I am an academic person.  I read everything all the time.  I think private practice needs someone like me to be a bridge between evidence based medicine and private practice.  Academics is great but I like to have a lot to do.

Q5. Would you recommend current pre-med and med students to go down the same path as you?

Yes I would, especially the medical students that have trouble letting go of certain specialties.

Q6. What got you into medicine?

I wrote down that I wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor when I was 10 (I am now 36).  My grandmother was blind her entire life with a tracheostomy and my grandfather had emphysema.  I wanted to know why they had what they had.  I loved science and understanding how things worked.  I also love people in general.

Q7. How much free time do you have outside of practicing?

Not a whole lot but I have a wife and 2 children who I spend time with daily.  No matter how tired I may be, thats never an excuse and I will always spend time.  I work anywhere from 120-136  hours per week.

Q8. What is your role in academics?

I help run the pulmonary and critical care aspect of our internal medicine residency program.  I also teach medical students both pulmonary and critical care medicine.  I apply what I read in our common journals on a daily basis to the bedside to help patients as best as I can.

Q9. Did you take the traditional path (HS to BA to MD by 27), or a nontraditional one?

I did take the traditional path.  HS to BS (at UC Davis, graduated ’04 then to medical school at University of Iowa, graduated ’09 then residency followed by pulmonary/critical care fellowship.

Q10. One last question, what do you think about the new science regarding 3D printing organs?

I think this is promising, but we will have to see where this goes.  You always have to wonder how the body will treat a foreign body as bacteria, and fungi can bind to these things causing serious infections.

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I want to send a special thanks out to Dr. J for sharing this special insight with me! If you’d like to see more Dr. J, be sure to check out his YouTube channel! He has some amazing videos on there about his past experiences, and he is just a cool guy with great personality!

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