Pre Med Resources

Pre Med Resources

So you are a pre med, and you want to know everything about everything pre med related. Don’t worry, we get you. Pre meds are infamous over-achievers, and I am too. In my time, I have come across a lot of great pre med resources for many different purposes. I will give you different pre med resources for the different purposes you may need over your time as a student.

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There are many great pre med resources for notes.


Let’s be honest, we always can use more places to find good notes.

Khan Academy:

I could never say enough good things about Khan Academy. While some people find it too slow and too in depth for their classes, Khan Academy got me through Organic Chemistry when my professor came up short. Without a doubt, the first place to go for notes on anything is Khan Academy. They have lessons on large and small scale topics, including text notes and videos. They have different speakers on different videos, but they all seem to have great content knowledge of the subjects.

Master Organic Chemistry:

This is my favorite website when I was looking for an explanation about a topic in Organic Chemistry that I didn’t understand. They have incredibly detailed posts on a wide variety of topics that you’ll learn about in O Chem. If you aren’t a big fan of KA, Master Organic Chemistry is a great backup for that class.

Crash Course on Youtube:

Crash Course is an awesome resource for many of your classes. They have videos for classes like general biology, general chemistry, anatomy and physiology, psychology, and even philosophy. If you just can’t seem to understand a really complex topic, Crash Course generally breaks it down to bite size pieces of information. This is where I got a vast majority of my background biology knowledge.


I am sure you have come across Quizlet while you were studying for class tests, or while taking an online quiz and googling the questions (don’t worry, we won’t tell on you). The reason Quizlet is so useful for these quizzes is because much of the vocabulary words on Quizlet come straight from the book, where a majority of professors take questions from. For this reason, studying with Quizlet can be a great idea, especially if your class is taught straight from the book.

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There are many pre med communities with people ready to help.

Pre Med Communities:

It can always be helpful to be involved with an online community of people with similar interests to you. This is no different for those in high stress environments, like being pre med. Whether you need to ask questions, or enjoy reading about people in similar situations as you, you should be able to find something for your needs out of the pre med resources below.

Student Doctor Network:

An online forum that connects pre med students, med students, residents, and physicians, Student Doctor Network is an place with a lot of informative people. Before you ask a question on SDN, make sure it isn’t one with an obvious answer, because the users on SDN don’t generally enjoy answering questions that could have been answered with one Google search. While they can be slightly uptight, the SDNers most certainly know their stuff. A great amount of information can be attained from just scrolling through the SDN forums.

r/premed on reddit:

If you are looking for a more laid back place than SDN, r/premed is definitely your place to go. While you likely won’t receive as much advice from med students and doctors, r/premed is a much more chill community of pre meds. r/premed is one of my favorite reddit subscriptions, because they often post memes and funny satirical posts. While there are many memes, you will also find some great advice on r/premed. They are there to answer any question you may have, and to make you laugh when you need it most. There are also threads that let you find out your chances of getting into medical school, and help with your personal statements. Overall, r/premed is a pre med resource that should be in every pre med student’s life.

r/MCAT on reddit:

Another popular subreddit amongst those in the pre med community, r/MCAT is great for any questions you may have about the MCAT. The MCAT is by far the most important thing you will come upon in your pre med journey, so knowing the proper study methods, materials, and tricks to maximize your score are crucial. You can also find study buddies through r/MCAT.

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There are many pre med resources to help along the way, including!

Help With The Pre Med Process

While r/premed and SDN are good for specific things, there is likely a lot more information that you will want along the way. We try our best to help you out along the way, but there are definitely some other pre med resources out there that I can share with you.

Andrea Tooley’s Blog:

Andrea Tooley is an opthamology resident at the freaking Mayo clinic. She also happens to run a very informative blog for both pre med and current medical students. Needless to say, she was one of my inspirations to begin! She also has a great YouTube channel, on which she interviews many different doctors in different specialties, and offers advice on studying and other relevant pre med topics.

Jane and Jady, and Other Pre Med Youtubers:

Jane and Jady are a couple that are medical students. They are two amongst a huge crowd of pre med YouTubers. It is crazy that these people have enough time to study and make videos to put out on YouTube. If you need some information about anything mainstream along the pre med journey, you could probably find it by searching it on YouTube. I have not gotten around to making a real YouTube channel for HonorableMed yet, but I will likely have one up by Summer 2018, so stay tuned for that!

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t throw in a bit of self promotion? I am planning on posting note guides to Honorable Med, as well as many more relevant pre med posts (like this one). If you haven’t already, always feel free to leave a comment or a question in the comments. I am here to help!

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