Non-Science Majors and Pre-Med, and Why I Chose Psychology

6837712300_0dc3166ce3_b-300x200 Non-Science Majors and Pre-Med, and Why I Chose Psychology

Often, I will be asked the following question: What the heck are you doing majoring in Psychology if you are Pre-Med?

My answer is “because I love the field of Psychology, and I am passionate about it.” I find so many people majoring in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry just because it would be easy for them. Forgot easy guys; major in something you love. Continue reading “Non-Science Majors and Pre-Med, and Why I Chose Psychology”

The Rules of Residency: Rules For Doctors to Live By

rules-1752405_960_720-300x212 The Rules of Residency: Rules For Doctors to Live By

Though I am currently only to the Pre Medicine stage of my development as a doctor, I would like to help everyone that is studying medicine, at any stage in their development. Thus, I bring forth the “Rules of Residency.” The Rules of Residency are laid out for the residents of a hospital. As you may know, residency is not exactly the position you desire coming in. As a resident, you are technically a doctor, but it more than likely does not feel that way. The Rules of Residency are: Continue reading “The Rules of Residency: Rules For Doctors to Live By”

Staying on top of your assignments, made easy.

Staying on top of our assignments in college isn’t always easy. Sometimes we procrastinate that paper until it is too late. Sometimes we forget that we have a test until two days before when our friend reminds us. Does this sound like you? I know I have been there once or twice. Well, here is an easy way to stay up to date with all of your assignments.

Continue reading “Staying on top of your assignments, made easy.”

The Easy way to College A’s

A-300x244 The Easy way to College A's

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A class that your friend said is an easy A sometimes isn’t.

Take a class that you like!

Believe it or not, it is that simple. No matter what, if you take a class you like, you will give your 100% attention in class and homework. This may seem like too obvious of a conclusion, but it isn’t. In my experience, all too often, I see people ask which elective is the easiest A. Now why is this? What is the point of taking an “Art Appreciation” class if you hate art? There isn’t one. All you need to do is take something that actually interests you. If you have an interest in Psychology, then take a class that has to do with that. If you have been feeling awful philosophical, take an “Intro to Philosophy” class to learn about some cool philosophical theories. Continue reading “The Easy way to College A’s”

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