MCAT Studying On The Go With Anki

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MCAT Studying On The Go

So you want to make it in to medical school? Great, we all do! How can you set yourself apart from the rest of us? Get a little bit extra MCAT studying on the go! If you had virtual flashcards that you could take with you and study on the go, would you? Could you? In a boat? On the train? In a car? Well, put your newspaper or Dr. Seuss book down, and get to studying some flashcards then! But how do we do that Dylan? Well, let me introduce you to something amazing!

6837712300_0dc3166ce3_b-300x200 MCAT Studying On The Go With Anki

Anki: Your Virtual MCAT Studying App

Anki is an excellent application to have on your computer, and I would most definitely recommend getting it on there for everyday studying of flashcards. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the mobile app that Anki has published, as that is more useful when on the go. Anki is completely free for those of you with Android phones! Unfortunately for those of you with iPhones, Anki currently costs $24.99. This is kind of a steep price, though I believe this is Anki’s only income stream. As such, it makes sense that they would charge for their services, as it is the only thing of its kind.

6837712300_0dc3166ce3_b-300x200 MCAT Studying On The Go With Anki
Is Anki worth the price?

Even if you have an iPhone, Anki is worth the price.

The price may make many people shake their heads and click away, but just wait two seconds! Anki is something that can be used every day. Think about how much easier it is to get some quick MCAT studying done when you can use your mobile device in that awkward transit time, that you would otherwise spend scrolling through reddit and Twitter. Studying during your time in transit, or any other time that you aren’t able to have your laptop adds just that much more to your MCAT studying repertoire. Guess what, this time adds up! So do yourself a favor, pick up Anki today and start studying.


Alternatives for MCAT Studying on the go:

It would be ridiculous for me to say that there are no alternatives to Anki, but this is pretty much the case here. There are no true alternatives that allow you to sync with your desktop, and there are none that have as many different options for you as Anki. If you need any reassurance that Anki is an amazing app to have, check out the PreMed or MCAT forums on reddit.

6837712300_0dc3166ce3_b-300x200 MCAT Studying On The Go With Anki

Thank you for reading!

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